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by 97display

Marketing Tools for Martial Arts And Fitness Business Owners

Summer is right around the corner and the change in season also brings warm weather and much-needed vacation. Yet, as a Martial Arts or Fitness business owner things can start slowing down.

This time of year is also the perfect opportunity to ramp up your online marketing strategy! This is why 97 Display, the website solution used by top Martial Arts & Fitness Businesses around the world, has several tools and benefits designed to help business owners beat the heat and thrive this summer.

Online Offers 3.0

There’s nothing better for boosting your bottom-line and gaining trial members than with online offers on your website. You can set up promotional offers of any kind through the backend of your website. Online Offers 3.0, streamlines the sales process by adding a lead form at the beginning of the checkout process (so you can capture the information of prospects that “abandon their cart.”) PLUS promotions are made easier with Discount Codes! Codes can be featured in advertising campaigns and users can easily apply their discounts automatically on your checkout page!

Connect & Convert – Email Nurture System

On average, it takes 8 contacts before a business is successful at getting in touch with a lead. Connect & Convert is an email nurture solution designed to help business owners stay in contact with leads and nurture them toward becoming members. Email automation is a simple and easy way to stay “top of mind” for leads interested in your programs but not quite ready to buy now. Connect & Convert comes in two package options, Basic and Pro. Connect & Convert Basic supplies you with 10 prewritten emails that can be scheduled to be sent out to your liking. This is a perfect gateway to figuring out what kind of emails your prospects respond to most. Then you can segway into a more advanced email nurture strategy. Connect & Convert Pro incorporates strategically placing 20 custom-written emails alongside text notifications and analyzing conversion data for ultimate performance.

Instant Lead Notifications

According to a Harvard Business study, a potential client is 80% MORE LIKELY to convert if you call them in the first five minutes after they submitted themselves as a lead, opposed to an hour. Once a lead is submitted through your business’s website, 97 Display’s Instant Connect feature allows you to immediately receive a call asking if you would like to connect with that lead RIGHT NOW.

97 Display is always looking for ways to expand our notification system and create ways for our clients to easily interact with leads. This is why we’re currently in the final stages of testing our new SMS Text feature that will let you easily and instantly text back and forth with clients through the backend of your website. This product is set to come out in July but be on the lookout for product developments.

Sales Coaching

The second most important aspect of business growth is closing the leads that come in from your website. This is why one of the most beneficial features that will help you beat the heat is Sales Coaching. Sales Coaching is offered on a bi-monthly basis to 97 Display clients, and a great way to learn new tips and tricks to converting new leads.

Interested in attending a FREE Sales Coaching session? Email coaching@97display.com for your registration link.


Lastly, Facebook and Google ads will be a must this summer to help supplement traffic during the summer months. By runnings ads, you can reach your target audience and supplement your website leads. 97 Display offers a wide range of Facebook and Google ads packages that can help grow your business during the slow months. If you currently don’t run ads and would like to know more, check out this page to find out more information.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to anyone of our Support Specialists by calling (888) 973-4775 or emailing support@97display.com.

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Your Website Can Bring In New Leads. If you're serious about growing your business
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Your Website Can Bring In New Leads. If you're serious about growing your business
you need to request information now

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