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Thank you very much for your timely response to issue concerning my website listing with Google! You guys are great!

Chris Konelas

The Martial Arts Zone
I am super impressed, and super happy with all the great work, professionalism and wiliness to make my companies website ABSOLUTELY FREAKING AMAZING!!!

Rich Grogan

Grogan's Academy of Martial Arts
I've been extremely pleased with the service and hard work the team has put into my site. [They] did a wonderful job in asking the right questions, guiding me, responding quickly to my adjustments and creating a clean, easy to use site. Thank you to all of them!

Raeanne Niemer

Get Empowered Fitness Studio
You guys seem to always be on top of it. Very pleased with all our results, keep up the strong, attentive work.

Dan Boorse

Elco Moving Truck, Van & Car Rental
97Display is a GODSEND. Not only have they drastically updated and revamped our website, but their user interface makes the WHOLE experience so simple and clean. I recently worked with Nicole D. who explains everything so beautifully. She took care of my problem literally within 30 minutes of reading my email. Our conversion rate has never been higher, I'm able to capture ALL of our leads with such simplicity, and the option for us to be able to modify the website at will is such a blessing. Thank you 97Display!

Kyle Stephens

BR Krav Maga
Explained everything thoroughly, worked with us patiently and put out a great product. Can’t wait for the results to start coming in

Randy Allen

Inner Dragon Martial Arts
Everyone always makes us feel as if we were the most important Client, we love the customer service and attention to detail that is provided.

Mike Grossman

Dong's Martial Arts Academy
I would recommend 97 Display to all of my martial arts school owner friends!

Marshal Fulgium

Benton Martial Arts
Just to give you an idea, 97 Display has delivered a cumulative average of 259 organic leads (no ad spend) per week to all of my clients over the past 10 weeks. Avg website conversion rate is 6.02%. Ridiculous numbers.

Erik Charles Russell

Erik Charles Russell
I opened my school in 2009. I always knew having a good website was very important so I hired a design company to make one for me. It looked great and had all the pertinent information. It cost me over $5000. So when Jerry White first contacted me about 97 Display one year ago, I was very skeptical. I have been with 97 Display for 12 months now. The results have been ridiculous. I have never had less than 40 leads in any month. And average close to 60. It still sounds crazy to me when I say it. 60 leads a month! As good as the results have been, the process of setting up my site with 97 Display was better. I felt like I didn't have to do anything. I wouldn't even believe it if I hadn't experienced it. As a school owner, getting my website from 97 Display has been one of the best decisions I have made. Jerry has done a great job and It has been a 5 Star experience all the way around.

Christian Derr

Clinch Martial Arts
Can’t recommend enough! Always timely with their response and working non-stop to make their service better.

Daniela V

Supreme Titan
The customer service has been amazing and I specifically worked with Cory throughout my time here. He has been one of the most responsive support specialists and definitely made it a great experience here!

Eric Yee

Eric Yee
Hands down the absolute BEST! I’ve owned and operated my martial arts school for over 15 years and no other company matches 97Display when it comes to service, professionalism, value, and the list goes on. Due to the pandemic, I was unable to renew my lease and ended up closing the school. I finally found a great location but was worried I wasn’t going to be able to get new leads right away... I couldn’t be more wrong. Just last month I had 20 qualified leads and ended up enrolling 18 of them. This month (March) we ended up enrolling 24 new members all thanks to 97Display. If we keep this up, I will be at 200-250 students by the end of the year. And this is all starting from scratch... From Jerry to Phil and Will, these guys really know what they are doing behind the scenes. I will only use 97Display from here on out. Again, hands down the BEST.

Roger Park

Chang Martial Arts Academy
97 Display always responds fast and, is kind. Most importantly they get the job done! You guys ROCK!

Yong H Lee

Lee's Champion TKD
Our martial arts school business (Roufusport MMA Academy) has increased almost 25% in the past year largely in part to the amount of leads we now generate due to our 97 Displayed designed website and SEO capabilities. Highly recommend!

Scott Joffe

Roufusport MMA Academy
97 Display is an awesome website development and management company. Anytime we need anything, Cory is on it! People compliment our website all the time. Highly recommend!

Anthony Ferguson

Ferguson Fitness
In other news...We opened in Santa Clara County for indoor workouts on Monday...and then promptly got told we are closing again the same day, lol! Can’t tell you how much I appreciate having access to Nicki and 97 Display to pivot quickly with our website and make appropriate changes. Means a lot to me right now, so thank you!!

John Heringer

Method3 Fitness
I would like to thank the amazing AD's Team at 97 Display for helping my business not only survive COVID-19 but actually thrive. We are still shut down, but in the last 60 days, I have enrolled 50 FULL-PRICE students through our Facebook ads. Right now it is so important to get new students knocking on your door, so if you are tired of wasting money on ads that don’t work, I recommend using the expertise of the 97 Display team.

David Chang

Wushu Central Martial Arts Academy
Houston and Will are easy to work with and do amazing work. They specialize in Martial Art Schools and it shows. We were getting leads the first day the website went live. I started a new program and they built, implemented, and updated the site in two days. If you are a Martial Arts school, you won't be sorry you chose 97 Display.

Stephen Strouss

Stephen Strouss Taekwondo
Joining 97 Display was one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made to bring my business to the next level. The leads are pouring in and I literally can’t make this up BUT as I was writing this ANOTHER Lead came in LOL Best decision I ever made!

Joe Dressel

Hanover Boxing

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