What is NAPU in Local SEO

by emily on
Napu Google Search

What the heck is NAPU in Local SEO, and why should you care?

NAPU is an acronym for Name, Address, Phone number, and URL. The NAPU for your business needs to be correct and consistent when optimizing your website and online presence for local search because Google prioritizes accurate information.

Why is NAPU important for Local SEO?

Having the correct NAPU for all your listings across the internet is crucial for local SEO. Google searches all the listings for information about your martial arts or fitness business. The data is stored and used when determining to rank. A proper NAPU can lead to customer clarity and better user experience.

What problems can arise if inconsistent NAPU listings are scattered across your business listings?

Google values consistency. When all your listings say the same thing, Google can confidently display your contact information to customers on applicable searches. When the search engine finds discrepancies in the listings, it is unsure of the data. Incorrect information can lead to a poor user search experience, and differences in NAPU between your listings can cause lower rankings and loss of trust with Google.

How do I create NAPU SEO?

Ensure this critical information is easy to find on your website so your customers and Google can find it. Ensure the information is text, not an image, so that Google can scan the data.
Claim your Google Business Profile listings and update it with the correct NAPU information. Use Google to find incorrect listings. You can use sites like Yelp. “my business” to search specific listings, or you can search for your URL, phone number, address, or business name.

HOT TIP: Keep a record of all your listings to quickly correct this information if you change your business phone number or address.

NAPU can enormously impact businesses because it gives customers and potential clients easy access to the most critical information about your facility. Take the time to check your listings are consistent to avoid possible errors in local SERPs ( Search Engine Results Pages).

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