3 Undeniable Reasons You Should Blog for Your Fitness Business

by Emily Naehring on

Blog is a weird word, isn’t it? A Google search shows that it’s derived from “web log” and was coined in a time when marketing your fitness business was definitely a lot easier. But since this is no longer the early 2000s when people still thought the internet was a passing fad, you definitely need to know more about why blogging helps your fitness business grow than just its name origins.

So does that make this a blog blog? You bet it does. And it’s one you’ll want to bookmark because we’re breaking down why your fitness business should blog, how often you should blog, and most importantly – what does blogging do for your website?


Well that’s the question of the hour isn’t it? In short, it’s all about creating content that promotes your business. This content tells people who you are and what you’re all about in a way that invites engagement.

Think about a visitor to your website who may be a good lead. Your blog is essentially a chance to talk to them one-on-one to show them how you can help them. Each blog entry is a chapter in the story of your business that can be a powerful tool for converting visitors to leads.

Blogging builds trust with these potential customers. By establishing trust from your earliest encounters with a potential client, you are not only more likely to convert them to paying customers, but you begin the important journey of making them longtime, loyal, love-you-so-much-they-buy-all-your-swag customers.


Let’s be honest, as an owner of a fitness business or martial arts school you’ve probably uttered the phrase “I ain’t got time fo dat” when you think about blogging on your business website. We get it. You have a lot to manage, clients and students to teach, and maybe you’d rather spend your precious spare time on yourself once in a while.

The short answer to how often your business should blog is: regularly. But that’s vague. So, let’s start with an easy path to victory for your business’s blog. Here’s a few tips for choosing a good time frame of blog posting for your fitness business website:

Make it necessary – The best content in the world is content made because you felt it HAD to be said. Blog when you can’t not.

Schedule your writing – Similar to your classes, your workouts, and the rest of your jam-packed day, carve out a little time on your schedule to write regularly.

Don’t put a number on it – Some will try to tell you that posting X times a week or month is best practice. While you should certainly blog consistently, there’s no proof that any number of posts is the right number. Blog at a realistic pace.


Now, this is where the magic happens. To grow, your business needs leads, and the best strategy for getting leads for your fitness business starts with your website. Well, blogging is like adding gas to the fire of your lead-generating website machine.

In fact, it’s been proven that business websites that post on a regular basis generate an average of 67% more monthly leads than companies that don’t blog at all. Take a moment to imagine how much more potential income a large increase in leads could mean for your business. It’s a lovely thought.

But it’s no “abracadabra” wizardry – it’s proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique! Now, I could get all technical on what that means, but suffice to say that more written content that website visitors engage with makes search engines like Google happy, leading to higher and more accurate rankings. This increases your web presence, making it more likely that the people that need your fitness business will find you. That means more leads, more clients, and much higher growth!


In short: blogging can help you reach your growth goals. Just a handful of words (like a couple hundred at least) typed out on a page can give your website an extra boost and get more leads for your fitness business.

And keep in mind that blogs last forever. In fact, Hubspot found that 90% of blog leads come from old posts. [Case in point – I got that statistic from a Hubspot blog made in 2014!]

So dust off the ol’ keyboard and start telling the world about who your fitness business is and why you can help them. Who knows? You may have a lot of fun with it! But you can be sure it will help boost your web presence and help you get more leads and clients.

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