Top 5 Link-Building Strategies to Increase Traffic & Sales for Your Local Business

by 97display on
Thanks to our friends over at Business 2 Community we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 link-building strategies guaranteed to boost your local business!

1. Start with NAPU listing consistency, which is a key local SEO ranking factor. Submitting NAPU via Google My Business is essential!
2. Get involved with local communities.
3. Reach out to relevant local bloggers, influencers, etc.
4. Sponsor local events.

5. Publish local press releases. Local news sites crave local stories!

I know you’re probably thinking… How will this help me? 🤨💭

These strategies are extremely helpful in building visibility among your local community while gaining trust with both Google and users searching for services in your area.

More organic local links ✔️ = improved SEO & Google rankings ✔️ = more traffic ✔️ = more potential sales!! 💲💲💲


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