New For You: CRM Redesign!

by 97display on


Today, 97Display is pleased to release a big development project that was designed to make our clients’ experience with our software more pleasant, fun, and easy to navigate. 

Here are some major takeaways from what you’ll see in the new CRM RE-DESIGN:

  • Mobile responsive: You can now easily access everything related to your website and leads on your phone!
  • Pop-up guides: Anything you aren’t sure about? Our handy new popup guides are here to help at any hour of the day.
  • Text Connect: What better way to get in touch with prospects in this day and age than to text instead of calling? Text Connect lets you text all of the leads that come through, and our system sends out an auto-text so that you can rest assured that your prospects are contacted even when you’re busy.


But the features don’t end there! We know that each of our clients is unique and have different needs, which is why we have so many different functions:

  • Auto-emails
  • – Blog scheduling
  • – Dashboard
    •      – Recent leads
    •      – Potential lead value
    •      – Active tools
    •      – Inactive tools
    •      – Submit support tickets through Zendesk integration
    •      – Announcements
  • – Events section
  • – Instant Connect 2.0 – a local number that calls and messages your leads
  • Integrations with 3rd party member management software
  • – Lead Notifications
    •      – Via email
    •      – Via SMS
    •      – For everyone on your staff
  • – Members Only section for private blogs for your members
  • – Online Offers
    •      – Purchase URL
    •      – 2-step purchase that collects lead info even if they don’t purchase
    •      – Discount codes
  • Reviews
  • – Reporting
  • – Schedule add/edit/delete
  • – Staff add/edit/delete
  • – WODs


So far, our 97Display clients have collectively received 30,076 leads in the new year. And with our new CRM re-design, you’ll be able to view, manage, and contact all of them with greater ease.

TL;DR: The new CRM is dope. It’s gonna change your life. Log in by clicking here.