Why The Next 8 Weeks Are Critical For Your Martial Arts or Fitness Business

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The next 8 weeks will be critical for your Martial Arts/Fitness business.


Many people are beginning to spend their time researching Martial Arts and Fitness businesses online.

Your community is looking for:

  1. – How to spend their summer
  2. – What to do with their kids over the summer


We know it’s been a hard few months, but it’s not quite time to take a breath yet!

In fact, now is the time to take your business to the next level.

What do I mean by that?


What The Numbers Say


Our data shows that people are spending more time researching martial arts and fitness businesses online than they have over the past 3 months!

I know many of you are probably thinking “My town isn’t open yet. Does this apply to me?

The answer is: YES!

Even if your town/city isn’t quite open yet, you ARE getting closer to re-opening. And our data shows that people in your area are still doing their research to evaluate if/when you will be an option.

Our dedicated SEO Specialist tracks the traffic across all of our websites (1000+ world-wide), and what she see’s is that while traffic did take a dip initially from the impact of COVID-19, it didn’t take long to start climbing again. 

Really, website traffic hasn’t been a problem. Conversion rates are what has taken a hit. Throughout the midst of quarantine, people were still on sites, searching for solutions, they just weren’t taking action and submitting themselves as leads

Because, well – they couldn’t!

So what’s happening in today’s data?

With recent re-openings and (not to mention the push of online training programs), we’ve seen conversions climbing again! In fact, some of our clients are back to the stellar conversion rates they were experiencing pre-COVID.


Seeing Marketing Success


Our clients who are already seeing success in terms of increased traffic and leads are doing these things:


  • Helping their communities fulfill their “Post-COVID Resolutions.” Just like New Years, people are recognizing that they have taken on new unhealthy habits. Quarantine has disrupted the routines of many and they are ready for a change. Whether it is returning to their previous routine or beginning entirely new habits, there is definitely a need for fun healthy activities that will help ease the sluggishness and weight gain 3 months of quarantine has brought.


  • Not waiting. You don’t have to wait until things are actually open to begin increasing your messaging. Martial Arts and Fitness businesses are seeing awesome success selling future and online trials NOW.


  • Stay positive. As a small business owner, you are a leader in your community, and this is a time when people need community more than ever. Your fitness-based business can be the shot of dopamine many need in their lives right now! So keep your messaging encouraging, positive, and hopeful, and most importantly – let them know you’re here!


How to Boost Your Message


So how do you get others to see your message? We recommend these tools/platforms:

  • – Personal social media posts
  • – Facebook Ads
  • – Email old lead lists 


For a deep dive into how your brand can utilize each of these marketing strategies, reach out to us! We’d love to talk to you to learn more about your business and discuss your marketing game plan for these next few months. You can schedule a call here, or email us at info@97display.com.