What Is A Lead Flow & Why Is It Important?

by Emily Naehring on

If you’re a lead-based business and struggling to increase sales and boost your revenue, then you may need to re-evaluate your lead notification and management process.

Every time you or your team forget to follow up on a lead, you are letting go of a potential client or student. Adopting a lead flow system like Leadcores built-in lead flow can create a ton of benefits for your business. If you’re not following up on your leads promptly and properly, then you are possibly missing out on potential revenue.  By implementing a lead flow and notification system you can increase your lead conversion and revenue. The best part is it’s cost-effective and has a high ROI!

So what is a lead flow?

Lead flow is the process of moving your leads through a sales funnel. It means guiding your leads through each step until they convert into a paying member. As the name suggests, there should be a proper “flow” to the way you communicate with your leads so that you can stay organized and consistent and KNOW where each lead is sitting in your pipeline and what the next steps are.

Staying organized is the key. When new lead notifications from your website or ads are streaming in, you don’t want to feel unprepared or disorganized. Without it, it’s like you have no solid plan for converting your leads. Leads can get lost in the shuffle hurting your sales and bottom line.
With a clear lead flow structure, you always know what you’re supposed to do next and how to deal with each lead depending on how far along they are. Consistency will go a long way because, over time, your lead flow will become second nature to you and your team.

Consumers are also more likely to be interested in buying if the business contacts them right away. Don’t let your leads go cold <- This is one of the worst things you can do to your business.

That’s why we have developed the LeadCore with a push notification system and simple-to-use lead flow built-in. Studies show that buyers are 50 percent more likely to go with the first business that responds to them. Contact your leads right away ( under 5 min preferably! More on that in another blog)  so you can move them to the next step sooner!

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