What A Modular Theme Means For The Future Of Your Website

by 97display on

New 2020 websites are here from 97Display! Unlike past website theme releases, in these latest designs, there are a few key differences that make Nola and Jeter even more exciting!

The primary difference is that these new looks are modular, built on an upgraded platform that allows for enhanced branding and customization!

So what is a “modular theme” exactly?

Modular themes are homepage designs made up of “building block style” sections, each with its own unique functions (Imagine piecing together individual legos to create one strong, colorful block tower.) Just like a tower of legos, each block can be swapped out for a new look/color, re-ordered, removed, and new blocks can be added!

On 97’s latest themes, these stackable “blocks” currently come in the form of sections for reviews, services, location information, programs lists, etc., and the Nola and Jeter themes are comprised of 2 different looks that utilize strategic placement of each block.

What does this new modular functionality mean for YOUR business?

Upgrading your website to either the Nola theme or the Jeter theme allows for more customization than ever before! The entire look, feel, and functionality of your website can be adjusted to best match want you want and need from your website!

This includes access to FUTURE functionality updates in the form of New Blocks! 97Display has multiple new block functionalities in the works that can be plugged into your existing homepage design!

With the new 2020 modular themes, the possibilities are truly endless!

Check out the infographic below for a comprehensive look at the benefits these designs have to offer: