How Templated Websites Give Your Fitness Business an Advantage

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How Templated Websites Give Your Fitness Business an Advantage

“Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.” – Paul Cookson

Trying to figure out how to grow a fitness business can feel a bit like pressing the gas pedal in a car and not moving. If you find yourself feeling stuck in neutral, your business’s website could be the culprit.

Every fitness business website should attract visitors, convert them into leads, and help you close those leads into customers. That means your website should be designed with that goal in mind. It’s not enough to look good, it has a job to do. It’s a tool to grow your business.

That’s why templated website designs can give your fitness business an advantage over custom web designs. It’s what we specialize in here at 97Display.

What is a template website?

There’s basically no limit to the bells and whistles a custom web designer can add to your website. But if the flashy graphics and fancy page designs get in the way of your user experience (or worse, hinder lead generation) then what’s the point? Sleek car, no engine.

A great template website isn’t some hastily built website held together with digital bubble gum. It’s a powerful, proven design that has been painstakingly created through trial and testing. Every section has its place and its function for getting website visitors to take action.

For fitness business websites, the goal of a templated website design is to convert visitors to leads. That requires each page of your website working in chorus together, like a humming engine ready to lead your fitness business forward.

How is a website template designed?

Just like you wouldn’t craft a sports car without specifications, we don’t design our templates without data, data, and more data. In fact, we have compiled metrics for over 12 years (and counting!) that help us continually evolve our website templates for future-proof functionality.

A peek under the hood can get technical pretty quickly, but the central statistic driving our design is conversion rate: how many website visitors become leads. The standard conversion rate in the industry today is about 2%. By comparison, 97Display websites convert between 5-6% of visitors into leads.

The nuts and bolts of our fitness website template engine is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Both On-Page SEO, the content you can read on your website, and Technical SEO, the content read by search engine robots, come standard with each template. That means you never have to worry about it and can focus on putting the pedal to the metal with your fitness business.

How does a templated website get more leads?

The truth is, not every website template can drive your business forward. Using a generic template designer from sites like Wix and Squarespace will only work as a placeholder for your business’s website.

To get you more leads, a template has to be designed with specific conversion points in mind: where to place a call to action, how to represent your fitness programs, which pages get the most engagement, and more.

That’s why it’s important to utilize templates built by those with proven knowledge unique to your industry. You can’t fake your way through web design for martial arts schools and fitness businesses. That fancy vehicle simply won’t run if you do.

Where does my brand fit in?

Templated websites get a bad reputation for not being customizable. But if you want to get leads, it is critical that your unique brand is properly represented. After all, Ford wouldn’t forget to put their decal on their Mustang.

You have to stand out from your competitors, and there’s no better way to do that than loudly and proudly putting your brand out there for all to see. Templated websites have specific design requirements, but they absolutely have to be flexible enough to present your fitness business the right way.

We like to think of our templates at 97Display as our fleet of sports cars ready to send your business forward at high speed. We’d love to talk shop with you! To get more info, book a time to talk with us right here.