The Importance of Building Your Brand’s Website Authority

by 97display on

For anyone not familiar, Search Engine Journal is a great resource dedicated to producing how-to’s, guides, and other helpful marketing news articles. In a recent article, this source explains why it is so important to build your brand’s website authority. Below we have summarized this article so that you, as a business owner, can take away these 4 actionable items to ensure your website authority is strong.  💪

Julia McCoy from SEJ couldn’t have said it better…

Authority-building is a long-term game.

Nobody builds a great reputation overnight.

Instead, your consistent actions – what you do and say – proves to people you’re an authority over time.

Online, that means:
1- Building your brand through strategic content and SEO

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2- Maintaining a social presence (ie. social media)
3- Being friendly and open, and making genuine connections with your peers and audience (ie. community involvement)
4- Working hard to prove your knowledge and provide value to your audience everywhere (ie. blogging through your 97Display dashboard)

When you’re ready to show up consistently, you’re ready to start building authority.

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