How Maximizing Your Target Area Expands Your Business’s Reach

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Martial arts and fitness websites

Every client is concerned with where their website ranks among Google’s relevant search results. It’s the dominating driver of new visitors to your site – and ultimately new leads to your business.

But did you know your website’s target area can be one of the most important parts of the puzzle?

Let’s Start From The Beginning

Your Martial Arts facility is located in Atlanta. Your address says Atlanta. Your taxes say Atlanta. Your business’s name may even say Atlanta.

But greater Atlanta Metro is home to almost 6 million people. How many of them are offering the exact same classes as you? And how many competitors will your leads have to drive past to get to your gym?

Our Strategy

Instead of battling with the dozens of similar sites in Atlanta that are competing for the coveted first page of Google, we work hard to find your niche neighborhood – boiling your website’s efforts down to the areas of your community where new leads are most likely to sign up.

We work together to determine where your client base is coming from and how far new leads will be willing to travel. That area becomes the backbone of everything we do.

Our target area formulas at 97 Display are continually A/B tested. We’re confident that we can find your core constituency and offer you higher quality leads than ever before.

But of course, you’re never locked in. With our customized platform and a support team that is second to none, we can expand your reach in no time.

What started as a neighborhood dojo serving just the Midtown crowd has boomed into Atlanta’s leader in Martial Arts training and now you need to hire more instructors.

At 97 Display our goal is to help you reach an audience that is excited and ready to act. We’re working hard to make it happen every single day.