Martial Arts Blogging Topics

by 97display on

The importance of blogging for your website can’t be understated.

It’s a great conversion tool that lets viewers know your business is up to date. It opens the door for people to revisit your site for new material. And most importantly, it strengthens your SEO.

But what exactly makes good blog content?

The following three blogging topics can help you get your creative juices flowing so that you can piece together a quality blog that keeps viewers coming back for more.

1. “Why should my child take martial arts?”

Peace of mind can be everything for a parent. Sometimes that means knowing their child is living a healthy, active lifestyle. Other times, it could mean knowing that their child is being equipped with the social tools for life and learning while amongst their peers. Regardless, you have a chance to level with a parent about what they can expect from your brand so they can have the peace of mind to trust you with their child.

2. Seminars, belt testings, and other events

The martial arts world is full of occurrences, and this seems to be the case with every martial arts business that’s onboard with 97 Display. With so many seminars, guest speakers, belt testings, fundraisers, and more, why not blog about each of them? Good blog content could be disclosing information on a soon-to-be event. Good blog content could also be post-event results and outcomes. Essentially, your blogging section could become a newswire of up-to-date happenings that prove your business is moving forward, both in-house and online!

3. Student of the month

Giving appreciation and acknowledging hard work and accomplishments is essentially a must in the martial arts world. People are doing great things in all disciplines, so why not recognize them for their feats? The truth is, people love to hear about themselves, and they can appreciate your business even more if you let them know you appreciate them in an official capacity. A “Student of the Month” blog could also go a long way for giving incentive to your clients to work harder to achieve this proud accolade.

These topics are just the tip of the iceberg for what you could do in your blogging, but they can encapsulate the essence of your business model.

And truthfully, who doesn’t like to brag about their business model and the amazing aspects that make their business what it is?