What Makes A Successful Martial Arts Website Page?

by 97display on
martial arts website page

For many schools, Martial Arts is the cornerstone of their programming. For almost every school, it’s the single largest driver of traffic to their web page. So what can you do to make sure you’re capitalizing on all those eyeballs?

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Use attractive program pages for leads to browse

Did you know that a lot of customers won’t come to your site through the homepage? Many are coming through a side door – using a search engine to land on a specific page.

If your Martial Arts website page is the first thing they see, it’s also likely to be the only page they see. Make it a good one.

As with most of the other program pages we write here at 97Display, our goal is to create Martial Arts pages that are skimmable and memorable.

Your page should be easy enough to read that a client can get the main points in just a few seconds. You’re lucky if they stay any longer than that. Don’t bore them with blocks of text and don’t make them search for relevant information.

Make Your Focus Clear and Your Pages Memorable

Is bully prevention your focus? How about staying active or self-defense skills? The priorities of your program should be apparent. If they’re not, you’re losing leads.

But your pages should also be memorable. What if a potential lead is flipping through websites on their phone, quickly comparing your gym with your neighbors? If your Kids Martial Arts page doesn’t stand out, they may never visit it again. They might not even remember landing on it in the first place.

But if it stands out, your Kids Martial Arts program will be there in their mind for minutes, hours, maybe even days. Give them a reason to come back. Boring pages just don’t do that.

How 97Display Can Help You Create A Highly Converting Martial Arts Website Page

At 97Display, we design program pages to be as customized as possible. We encourage all clients to provide images of their own gym and we regularly ask for guidance as we write your customized content.

With a 97Display Website, your Martial Arts pages jump off the screen with a dominant image and relevant information that immediately catches a reader’s eye.

Maybe they are hoping to help their child learn better discipline and focus. And BAM, there it is, under the benefits list we created.

You’ve very nearly sold them already.