Guest Blog: 5 Helpful Marketing Strategies for Growing Your Martial Arts Business

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Growth and scale in business are two of the biggest challenges for all entrepreneurs. Whether you’re new or experienced in business, you’ll need to get a plan in mind as to how you’ll get your business from start-up to empire. Today, you’ll learn about 5 helpful and timeless marketing strategies that will grow your martial arts business to the next level.

From connecting directly to your customers to establishing authority within your local market, you’ll get a better idea about how you can get your martial arts business growing with these 5 tips:

  1. Write To Your Current & Potential Customers

The first tip is writing to your customers about your business and your community. One of the best ways that you can connect to your customers is writing valuable content that will engage them to not only check out your gym, but also talk about your business to their friends and family.

Here are a few ideas that you can use to write to your customers:

  • Weekly newsletters featuring promotions, discounts, and upcoming martial arts events.
  • Blog articles can help your customers understand how your business can provide value, such as “5 Surprising Benefits of Practicing Martial Arts.”
  • Holiday cards are a great way to present your business as an important part of the community and underscore the positive impact that your martial arts studio has on the neighborhood.
  1. Connect To Your Fans Online

Today more than ever, it is crucial that you connect to your customers through social media and other online platforms. Whether you’re running online ads, posting content, or engaging with fan groups on different social media platforms, you’ll need to research what your fans actually want to see or get from your business.

Remember, your social media accounts should represent the interests of your business and its target audience rather than your own personal interests. You can post a wrap-up of current events planned at your studio and explain to your customers why those events will be worth their time to check out.

  1. Try Cross-Promotion & Collaboration

Whether you live in a big city or a small town, collaborating with nearby gyms and martial arts studios is an effective way to scale your business. You can meet fellow business owners at local trade shows, conferences, or by attending their gym events. Make sure that you give out business cards to local owners, and if you have an event coming up, see if those owners are willing to collaborate with you on that event.

Another tactic to market your business is cross-promotion with complementary businesses around your town. For example, if there is a popular lunch spot near your gym, ask them to cater at your gym after one of your classes. Your customers will appreciate the tasty food, and you can ask that restaurant to promote your business in their shop.

Local sponsorships are also great way to connect with schools and after-school programs. Not only are you able to introduce your martial arts business to parents, teachers, and children that you may not have previously engaged with your business, but you’ll show them that your gym is friendly to members of all ages.

  1. Invite Guests

Plan events where current members can invite their friends or family. Your gym’s members will appreciate the opportunity to show off their martial arts skills to a friend or loved one. Offering a discount for new sign ups at the end of the event may result in a few new members.

Inviting guests doesn’t end with members and their friends! Invite guest instructors from other gyms and academies to teach a workshop. Whether they are instructors from another gym you’re collaborating with or they are experts in a certain discipline of martial arts, you’ll give your members more value for their class experience.

  1. Turn Your Martial Arts Studio Into A Local Hotspot

Every gym wants to become the next franchise that everyone in the industry talks about – and there’s nothing stopping your gym from doing it, too. Creating an annual tournament for your members, offering drop-in classes for non-members, and organizing fundraisers for local charities are all great ways to get your name out there and to turn heads in the community.

Of course, nothing beats having great instructors, the highest quality martial arts supplies, and a welcoming environment to ensure that your business continues to thrive.