Everything You Need To Succeed in Virtual Training [PDF Download Included]

by 97display on

Overnight fitness studios and martial arts schools had no choice but to go virtual. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a unique set of challenges to our industry, online training and virtual classes offer a chance to still bring a sense of community among your members.  

Do you want to offer Online Training classes, but don’t know how to advertise and market your classes to current or potential members?

Do you want your Online Training process to be user-friendly and streamlined for your clients/students, but you just don’t know how all the pieces should work together?

You’re not alone! And 97Display can help! 

We understand that connecting the dots between your members only section, landing page, private Facebook group and Zoom links can be confusing and overwhelming. This is why we have created an Online Training Package, that gives you tips and tricks to successfully benefit from ALL of 97Display’s tools and third party systems.  

Our exclusive Online Training Package includes information on the following: 

  • – Where and how to upload your online classes
  • – Ways to sell your virtual classes
  • – Third party platforms for your virtual classes/live streams
  • – How to maintain and create a powerful social media presence

Click here to view our Online Training Package: http://97display.blob.core.windows.net/pdffiles/16551.pdf

All of us at 97Display applaud you for adapting your business plan to accommodate your members during this social-distancing time. Let us help you put the Online Training pieces together, so that your members can easily navigate class times, video libraries, live streams and more. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your Online Training process, please email support@97display.com.