Dive Into 97Display’s Latest Innovations for 2022!

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2022 is just around the corner, and with that in mind, 97Display is releasing new tools to help you reach your New Years’ goals! Here are some of the things you can look forward to for keeping your martial arts or fitness website fresh and relevant within Google specifications:


The LeadCore App was designed with years of experience on what works for clients AFTER they receive a lead. Get Push Notifications, easy access email and phone options, as well as Text Connect SMS, messaging directly through the app. Download this infographic to get a detailed description of what to expect from the LeadCore App.


    2. NEW THEMES!!!

    The most noticeable way to keep your site up-to-date is with a fresh new theme for the New Year! Check out all of our themes here! We just released TWO BRAND new themes Premium SALEM & Southpaw! They’ve gone through our rigorous a/b testing and QA & UX process! These new themes will feature high-converting trust indicators at the top of the site, awesome innovative ways to display your branding, and 2 buttons on the first fold – one for capturing leads, and the other as an anchor for more information about your business. Salem also pares with our brand new lead follow-up app Leadcore & high converting video backgrounds! All of us here at 97 are very excited to unveil these new theme options! 

    • New themes are for everyone! We are constantly researching the best way to format a website with rankings and conversions in mind! This newest theme is 100% up-to-date, mobile-friendly, and even features a highly-requested blog search bar! What’s stopping you from trying a new look in the New Year?


    3. Landing Pages!

97Display’s development team has heard your cries for a landing pages solution, which is why we have created this amazing tool to accompany your ads! If you’re looking for a place to run an ads campaign in addition to your website, 97Display is your 1-stop shop for websites, ads, and now LANDING PAGES available with our premium package!!

  • This feature is perfect for clients who run ads. (Or clients who currently use Clickfunnels for their ads, and want to cut their landing page costs in half!! You heard me right!)


    Utilizing simply one of these features is going to keep you relevant with the internet’s ever-evolving recipe to success.

    Additionally, with the increasing importance of SSL certificates, all of these new tools are best paired with a secure website! 97Display is an official retailer of SSL certificates, exclusive to our clients, for a low cost of $50/year (30% off other retail prices!)

  • Let us help you reach your 2022 goals! Reach out today so we can put you on the waitlist and put you ahead of the curve! Letschat@97display.com