Website Traffic vs ClickFunnels vs Landing Pages

by 97display on

What you need, Why you need it, and How to use it

First, let’s talk about what kind of marketing you’re looking for: inbound vs. outbound traffic and your business needs.

Inbound traffic is when the customer is already in the market and searching for your services. Outbound traffic is when a customer sees an ad you’ve created to convince them to join the market and become interested in your business. These traffic sources influence the way in which you market yourself online! Let’s focus on Outbound Traffic first.

Landing Pages help bring traffic to your business through Adwords, Facebook Ads, Email Drip Campaigns, and PPC (Pay-Per-Click ads). This is a more GLOBAL search. In essence, you have landing pages to direct users to a very specific page that will directly lead to a sale. You have the opportunity to easily customize your page. It’s very intuitive, and you have unlimited potential (as long as you’re willing to pay for it). But you do have to worry about staying on top of updates and earning your traffic, along with the fact that these pages will not rank on search engines.

So… when do you need Clickfunnels?

  • Groupon-type specials
  • Specific promotions
  • Specific events
  • Specific programs

This is a great tool to help track the traffic coming to your ad & to see how many conversions you get. However, there are still alternate tools to help you track and convert, like Facebook ads, a page on your website (like a program page, blog or event page).

If you are running outbound ads and you aren’t satisfied with the number of leads you’re getting from the ads, you should think about the environment you are sending clicks to.

Now let’s talk about Inbound Traffic:

Websites help bring traffic to your business via Google, Google Maps, your Facebook page, and Organic Traffic (people searching in your area). This is a LOCAL search.

Ranking #1 in your area should be your top priority. Why? Because of people Google when looking for new local services. ***Local businesses have an advantage!

If you don’t rank you have to rely entirely on outbound campaigns (which is an issue with landing pages & ClickFunnels). BUT if you run ads to your website, it can help improve ranking.

But if you DO rank, you are in a prime position to generate leads & convert new members through your website ranking alone! Did you know that the #1 position on Google captures 80% of clicks? That’s huge! And for most businesses, this is sufficient lead generation.

How can you get your website to rank? Through opportunities to request information, new content & a mobile-friendly display.

Websites are a long-term solution while landing pages and ClickFunnels are great for those building their online presence & what Google reads as a temporary fix. For more information about lead generating websites that help improve your ranking, contact our sales team or at 1-888-973-4775