97Display, SSL Certificates, and You!

by 97display on

Did you know?

Recently, Google made an update to prioritize websites secured with SSL certificates. This means that having an SSL certificate on your website gives you preferential treatment within Google indexing as well as securing any and all information that comes through your website.

Additionally, we have seen a drop in functionality with 3rd party integrations on websites not secured with an SSL certificate.

GoDaddy and Network Solutions offer SSL certificates for prices ranging from $75-100.

Here’s the exciting news! 97Display recently became a licensed retailer of SSL certificates! We are offering SSL certificates to our clients at the low cost of $50/year — an approximate 30% discount from major retailers!

What does this mean for you?

  •      1. Based on this recent Google update, we strongly recommend purchasing an SSL certificate if you don’t have one already – even if you choose to purchase with an external source like GoDaddy or Network Solutions. For more information click HERE
  •      2. Many 3rd party integrations are no longer functional on unsecured sites. If you have an integration on your 97Display website, you’ll need an SSL certificate to ensure continuing functionality!
  •     3. As a result, 97Display now offers discounted rates for SSL certificates, which ultimately means more money in your pocket!


97Display is dedicated to ensure your website continues to crawl within Google at an optimum level, and that we’re able to provide every single tool available to make this happen. For any questions or to learn more about SSL certificates, simply reach out to support@97display.com! We look forward to hearing from you!