7 Simple Tips To Boost Your SEO

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You have a ton on your plate, and tossing one more thing into the mix can feel impossible – especially with something that sounds as foreign as “Search Engine Optimization,” or SEO for short. However, prioritizing your SEO doesn’t have to be daunting, and doing so will further strengthen your online presence and bring more people through your doors.

Here are 7 simple tips to boost your SEO to the top of Google searches and see lasting results:

On-Page & Technical SEO

While 97Display covers most of this for you, it’s important to make sure the content on your website is clear and concise. Our team of professional copywriters will work with you on reflecting your branding throughout the website in the most effective way possible, while also incorporating the latest SEO tactics to keep your website optimized.  

You can build on this strong technical base by using custom images throughout the site and by blogging.  Adding new content to your site is incredibly beneficial. Google will recrawl your site each with each update – giving you more opportunities to improve your organic search rankings!

Quality Backlinks

Backlinking is a great way to strengthen your rapport with both Google and website visitors.  Essentially, it is a vote of confidence from another website that they vouch for the content on your site.

A key way to build backlinks is to forge partnerships within your local community and get involved!  Host or participate in events, workshops, competitions, etc., and build relationships with other businesses in your area. Discover how you can team up to improve the health of your local economy.  You can also reach out to local media outlets to feature the impact you have on the community. 

Website Security

97Display hosts every website through a secure platform. However, you can take security one step further to protect your website and gain brownie points with Google.  

Installing an SSL Certificate on your website will double-down on-site security by encrypting sensitive data that is submitted through your website.  We have even noticed trends where Google is showing preferential treatment towards websites that have SSLs installed.

At 97Display, we understand how essential it is to track these trends as they evolve over time. So we took the necessary steps to help our clients boost their SEO and save money in the process. Good News! We are now certified retailers of SSL Certificates. We can offer them to our clients at a discounted rate of $50 per year. 

Google My Business & Local Signals

  • Having a Google My Business listing is an easy way to build instant trust with searchers.  If Google trusts you enough to highlight your Google My Business (GMB) listing, that’s an immediate indicator that you’re a reputable business.  

Additionally, customer reviews have a high level of influence over potential leads.  Having a consistent flow of positive GMB reviews will undoubtedly build your reputation and bring more traffic to your website.

 One important thing to note is that prominence is only a single piece of the puzzle, thanks to Google’s Local Algorithm.  In order to rank with Local SEO, you typically need:   

  1. Proximity 
  2. Prominence 
  3. Relevance

Keep this in mind and don’t get discouraged if you can’t see your listing in a local search. Based on keywords and location, Google will decide which content is most relevant to show.

Social Signals

With social media becoming increasingly ingrained into our daily lives, using these platforms to promote your business is another free way to build your SEO and your clientele.  

Similar to installing an SSL Certificate on your website, it seems that social signals are becoming an increasingly important factor in Google’s algorithm.  

 Make sure you’re building valuable backlinks from your site to your social media (and vice versa).  Curating a social media strategy built upon selling the value of your business and the benefits you provide to your clients.  

NAPU Consistency

NAPU stands for Name, Address, Phone Number, URL.  Having discrepancies between what is listed on your website and what’s listed on, for example, your Google My Business can actually hinder your local SEO.  

This is because Google doesn’t compute data the way people do. Google’s bots will lose trust in your businesses when they find a name or an address that is different than what is listed on the website. Google can even recognize them as two separate businesses!

Make sure there is zero confusion as to who you are and how to get in contact with you, and Google will reward you for it.   


There are several factors regarding your domain that can affect your SEO.  The age and amount of history associated with your domain are factors outside of your control. It is important to keep in mind that more established domains perform better.  

 Domain authority is something you can build upon over time with a tactical SEO strategy!

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a strategy session with one of our Digital Marketing Specialists, call (888) 973-4775 or email support@97display.com.