5 Reasons Why Templated Websites are a Great Idea

by 97display on

97Display offers our clients 11 different themes (or templates) ( New Themes releasing Sept 3rd, 2020! Introducing Jeter & Nola!)  to pick from, based on your type of business, needs, and preferences. We understand all too well, that sometimes the word “template” can leave a bad taste in your mouth, However, our product goes far beyond the basic “plug and play” templates! Below are the top 5 reasons templated websites are awesome:

1. You Can Focus on Other Things

In a sense, we do all the hard work for you! Templated sites give you the opportunity to breathe and focus less on the technical things and more on images, color schemes, and content! Even though your website is on a template, doesn’t mean it will look “cookie-cutter” or too simple. With custom images and the correct branding and custom copy, we have no doubt that your templated website will stand out among others!  

To get your creative juices flowing below is an example of two websites that are on the same theme, but ended up having a completely different feel.

fitness templated websites

2. SEO and Functionality

Having an attractive website design is only a small slice of a much bigger pie. You want a site that will not only stand out against the competition but one that will perform well and bring you high-quality leads.  

All of our website templates have been A/B tested against competitors, while also following Google’s standards for SEO. Our developers spend months preparing new themes that are up to date with the latest website trends and marketing tools. Not to mention, our ongoing customer support is here to update your 97Display site as needed!

97Display also offers our clients a blogging platform, so you can add new and updated information on your site on a weekly basis.     

3. Design

The great thing about templated sites is that you already have a gist of what the site will look like before you even get a test site. Our job is to provide you with themes and content that are proven to catch someone’s eye, while also providing a PROVEN call to action. All of our themes follow current design trends to attract and engage your users.  Jeter and Nola will be the ultimate themes on our brand new operating system. More of that in a later blog… 

4. It’s a Quick Process!

At 97Display, our goal is to launch your site in less than 30 business days. Compare that to the build time of a custom site, which can be anywhere from 10-14 weeks! With a template, the “bones” of the website are already in place and have been A/B tested for success. We also continue making changes and updates to your site even after it launches, with no extra charge!   

5. Cost

Templated websites take less time to build and maintain, which results in lower costs! Custom sites aren’t cheap and can potentially set you back $5,000 to $10,000!

With 97Display, you pay an affordable monthly fee for a website, ongoing support/ updates from our amazing team, and a FREE suite of top conversion tools!

For more information about our services, click the graphic below!  Or email us at support@97display.com