4 Ideas to Prep Your Fitness Business Website for Back to School

by Emily Naehring on

Somewhere the sound of a bell is ringing across an empty hallway, kids are groaning at the loss of summer, and pencils are being sharpened to get the school year going. But it’s not just classrooms that need to be prepared – martial arts schools and fitness businesses need to be ready for the numerous opportunities for business growth this time of year.

Your website is your digital storefront, and as parents look to sign up their kids to martial arts programs (or maybe even sign themselves up for adult fitness classes) they’re going to land on it. Let’s shine it up and make it look good!

Here’s four ideas for how to prepare your fitness business website for back-to-school time (and how 97Display can help):

Special Focus on Special Events

As the pool floaties get packed away, it’s a great time to keep the energy flowing with special events at your fitness business. Self-defense classes at your martial arts school, new youth fitness classes at your gym, maybe even a special guest coming in to do an expo are all great ways to bring new leads to your gym or studio.

We’ll get those special events front and center of your website while they’re being offered. The goal is to draw attention to website visitors that alert them to your special event, bringing them to your studio and potentially shortening the lead journey to becoming long time customers.

New/Seasonal Offers

The holidays are already jingle belling their way towards us, but until then, you can generate new interest with seasonal offers. Trial sign ups, seasonal discounts and basically any kind of time-sensitive promo can easily help get hesitant leads to sign up.

But here’s a question: does your website match your promos on social channels? If not, it’s a quick way to lose trust in a lead, harming your conversion rate. Good thing our team at 97Display works quickly and can have your fitness business website updated faster than Rudolph can get the sleigh down Santa Claus lane.

Theme Updates

One of my favorite things about starting the school year was buying new supplies. Snagging the latest Trapper Keeper notebook and all the cool new pencils I can stash? I felt like a million bucks. And as the refresh of school happens for students, your martial arts school can benefit from updating the look of your website.

Did you know we can update your theme anytime you like, giving you a vibrant new look that helps with conversion? All of our themes are designed by years of data that tells us what a fitness business website or martial arts school website needs to look and feel like to get more leads. A new look website will excite your current students and intrigue potential new clients.

Advertisements & Social Media

Believe it or not, there are only two types of leads. There are leads who are currently searching for your service. Those need a good website strategy. Then there are leads who do not yet know they need to join your martial arts school or fitness studio.

For the members of your local community who aren’t looking for you, an ads strategy can help you turn them into customers. Our digital ads team can help you develop an approach that is perfect for back to school time and beyond. And don’t forget, those ads will help push volume to your website, which needs to be set up to turn those new visitors into leads for you.

We know that all of the above isn’t easy to figure out alone. But you don’t have to! Set up a time to talk with us here at 97Display, and we’ll bring our more than 12 years of experience in the martial arts and fitness industry to help get you leads and prep you for back to school.

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