Introducing Hyper Landing Pages

Landing pages customized to your school & location, built to accelerate your online Hyper program lead generation.

Created to Bring You Hyper Leads

Hyper worked with us to create these program specific landing pages.

NOW AVAILABLE to all Hyper members
Use these landing pages for:

  • Ad campaign destination URLS
  • Specific promotions
  • SEO
  • Hyper Program advertising

This will help your business URL appear in more searches online and give your URL an added content boost.

  • Backlinks to Hyper websites
  • Establishes your URL as an official Hyper location
  • Adds more martial arts related keywords and content

All at an incredibly low monthly rate


Hyper Pro Training

Show off your Hyper Pro Training classes with professional video & image content provided by Hyper. Customized for your location this page will attract people solely to your school – with your logo and target areas in the text.

Potential for you:

Hyper Camps

No matter what kind of camp or time of year promote your Hyper camps with this professional content. Attract their attention and turn your visitors into action-takers!

Potential for you:

Hyper Fight Club

All the great content from Hyper’s marketing built until your URL and incorporating your city & logo. Get the word out within your community of your Hyper Fight Club program

Potential for you:

These pages are FREE value ads for
all Hyper Members who buy a website from 97 Display.