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We’re Updating Your Website’s Favicon!

Wait, What is a Favicon?

A favicon is the small icon you see in the upper left-hand corner of your browser tab for the particular website you are on. These small images (usually 16×16 pixels in size), help website users more easily identify a site.

Martial Arts & Fitness Websites

Why Favicons Are Important & Why Your Site’s Favicon Might Be Getting An Update

For any of your current clients who regularly refer to your site (and have bookmarked it for easy access to schedule updates and Members Only section information) favicons are just one more way for your site to stick out!

Plus – besides being a contributing factor to making your site as user-friendly as possible, favicons increase a sites credibility and brand recognition – which is why 97 Display is proactively updating the favicons of each of our clients to make sure their brand identity is cohesive on all levels.

All 97 Display sites currently show favicons, but we want this element of your site to live up to its full potential! A crisp clear, easy-to-read favicon can make your website viewer’s experience easier and we’re dedicated to making your web presence the best it can be.

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