Feed Google accurate information and see local SEO success in 2020!

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Right now, running one of the most successful local martial arts or fitness businesses possible means acquiring the largest share you can of those estimated 1 TRILLION annual local searches.

How do you do this? By feeding Google

💻  Targeted martial art or fitness website that has SEO optimized content about your business location, services, and attributes.
🤲  Corroborating info about your company on other websites
📲 The local business listing content
📸  Image content (high-quality photos are becoming more and more important for martial arts and fitness website SEO)
📹  Video content ( Not just Google but your potential members want to see you in action! When adding video to your martial arts or fitness website think about who your targeting.
👍 Social media content ( Linking your social media to your website is a one-two punch! You can upload photos to your social media and they will upload directly to your website!)

–  97Display Theme Callie is designed specifically for website & social media in mind to help boost your local SEO.

Declare 2020 the year you go to the drafting board to render a clear blueprint for a content architecture that spans your entire neighborhood of the Internet.

1. Begin with a rock-solid foundation of information about your business information on your website **97Display has this covered for you! 👊😎

2. Create a fully complete, accurate, guideline-abiding Google My Business listing for each location of your business 💯

3. Build out your listings on the other major platforms (ie. Facebook, Yelp, etc) ☑️

4. Monitor and respond to all reviews as quickly as possible on all platforms ⭐️ – these equal your online reputation and are, perhaps, the most important content about your business on the Internet 🙌

As Miriam Ellis so eloquently stated in the Moz Blog, 2020 Local SEO Success: How to Feed, Fight, and Flip Google Wishing you a local 2020 of daring vision and success!