Re-Opening Your Business in a Post COVID World [PDF Download Included]

by 97display on

Many states and local governments have started to announce plans of re-opening martial arts studios and fitness centers in the wake of COVID-19. As this comes as a sense of relief and excitement to most. These re-opening announcements can leave some lingering questions for business owners. 

– How do I re-open my business in a Post COVID World?

– What precautions should I take? 

– Should I keep my virtual class schedule?  

– Will my customers be nervous about returning to my studio or gym?

– How do I safely sanitize my facility?

We have no doubt that your clients will be THRILLED to be back in your studio! But that doesn’t mean some students/members won’t be extra cautious when returning to their routine.   

The team at 97 Display has compiled a Post-Coronavirus Playbook.   It details how to effectively and responsibly open your business post COVID. 

For answers to the questions above, and to find more information on re-opening best practices, check out our Post-Coronavirus Playbook HERE.

We hope you find this helpful and we are so excited to serve your business as our world slowly re-opens. If you have any questions about re-opening your business or how to market yourself during this time, please contact