New Year New Leads!

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2016 is only a few days away and people are already saying, “New Year New ME!” This is the prime time for sign ups and gaining as many leads as you can. One of the top made New Year’s Resolutions is to get fit, and on a whim, purchase memberships at some sort of gym.

Now being a local business you aren’t going to be able to compete with the big name gyms like Planet Fitness and LA Fitness. But you can get your name out in front before these big names take your customers.

How? Here are a few things that you can do that will be immensely helpful in getting New Year’s customers.

ADs Before the new year: It’s time to start buying up Google and Faceook ad space! If you aren’t having any luck placing high in your area in Google searches you should already be looking into buying ads, but especially now that people are looking to sign up and start the new year at a gym.

If you are a client of 97 Display, talk to your Customer Representative today to get those ads going. If you aren’t a client of 97 (Click here to become one) consider getting these ads and making them specific for the new year.

Since this is for Local Businesses, have a New Year’s party! Invite people to watch the ball drop in your Gym and maybe throw in some exercises during the countdown. This will let customers get a feel for your training style while also creating a connection when they are deciding which gym they want to attend for the new year.

Lastly, give things away. You already know the saying, “It takes money to make money.” So why not give out offers or free merchandise for any new customer that signs up with your gym for their resolution? They are already trying to commit so it’s a great opportunity to have them commit to a good amount of time.

Hope 2016 is awesome for you!

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