5 Actionable Ideas For Promoting Your Martial Arts Summer Camp Program

by 97display on

With May around the corner, Martial Arts Summer Camp programs are now in focus. Now is the time when parents are beginning to think about their children’s plans for the summer. While kids get to enjoy some time off, most parents don’t have the same luxury.

This is why your Martial Arts Summer Camp program can provide a great solution to a widespread predicament.

How To Let Parents Know You Have The Solution

The first way to advertise your summer camp solution to parents in need is by marketing back to your base. Reach out to your current school-aged students and their parents through:

1. Advertising via in-class materials (such as posters and flyers)

2. Offering Early-Bird/Pre-Registration specials (**Pro Tip: provide online registration links & use promo videos to capture interest)

3. Having instructors wear t-shirts in class that advertise your upcoming camps

4. Creating a Facebook event, inviting current students, and sharing images and videos from previous camps

Your next step is to reach out to parents in your area who aren’t yet familiar with everything you have to offer.

Promoting Your Summer Camp Program To New Customers

5. Utilize Facebook Ads to capture the attention of new customers – With Facebook Ads, you can create a clear, concise ad that speaks directly to your target market (so in your case, parents looking for summer activities for their children).

The key elements of creating a successful Facebook Ad include:

– Enticing Ad Design (Copy, imagery, formatting)
– A Precise Audience (Adjusted targeting that will reach the people most in need of what you offer)
– A Relevant Landing Page (Anyone clicking your ad should redirect to a page with relevant, valuable information and a cleat call-to-action)

If each of these elements is in place, you are sure to see positive ROI from your ad and have a successful, highly attended Summer Camp.