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With the New Year now upon us, it is the best time for Martial Arts Schools and Fitness Gyms. We at 97 Display had a record number of submitted leads for our clients on the first Monday of the year, so if you aren’t a part of the 97 Display family, check us out here and start today!


We have plenty of blogs you can check out with tips and tricks on how you can gain more leads and create the best possible website to get on the lead train. This blog is specifically about making list to draw in the interest of a potential lead, and then making them a complete lead when they see your list and see that you know what you are talking about. For your first list you need to make sure you are taking advantage of the beginning of the year fitness rush.


So I want to give you an example of what your list could look like.


  1. Work Out More With Regular Activities

Whether you’re lifting groceries, running up and down your steps, or doing squats while picking up some loose change on the ground, try to implement working out in your routine.


  1. Sign Up for Everything

If you see a free triathlon or workout group in the park, sign up for it! Not only will you get healthier, but you can also make some new friends.


  1. Get a Six Pack

Doing workouts for your stomach is a given for you to make those abs show. But remember, Abs are made in the kitchen not the gym. Make sure you cut fatty foods from your diet if you want those flat six pack abs.


  1. Dieting

There’s no getting around it, you have to eat right. You can’t go wrong with plain chicken and rice for every meal.


  1. More Than Once

Some people walk into a gym once and then hurt so bad they decided never to come back. This is not uncommon but you need to push yourself. To make a habit, it has to happen at least 3 times.


  1. Exercise Your Mind

Get smarter. Read more books and download apps that will make your brain work.


You can take this list and place it on your own blog or make something similar!
Add tweets or other articles to make your list more credible and don’t forget to make links to other parts of your site or other sites to create back linking and a better SEO.


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