Is it Important to be Ranked on Yahoo Search?

by 97display on
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Let’s talk about Yahoo. I know it really hasn’t been that relevant since Google has taken over the world, however, Yahoo has been making some big changes trying to become the relevant monster they were back in the early 2000s.

The first big move was in late 2014, when they made a deal with Firefox to be the default web browser when you open the application. After the Firefox deal Yahoo’s numbers went from roughly 8% to 10%, and that is a big jump in the search engine market considering Google is about 50% of searches worldwide. More recently they have made a deal with Oracle. This means if a desktop computer user downloads and installs Oracle’s Java software, they will have an option to set Yahoo as their default search engine.

All in all this wont change the hierarchy of Google being number one, and you should always focus on making sure you rank highly on Google, which you can do if you follow these steps that I wrote in the last blog. But you shouldn’t sweep Yahoo under the rug. If you are ranking well in Yahoo, then you are going to be on another 10% of searchers screens. Check in for another blog this week to see how you can rank higher on Yahoo!

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