How Page Length Impacts Your Fitness Website Conversion

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fitness website page length

How Page Length Helps/Hurts Conversion Rates

You’ve probably seen the phrase “TLDR” floating around the internet in recent years. Even if you don’t know what it means, Google does – and your clients do, too.

It stands for “Too Long, Didn’t Read,” shorthand for “I’m turned off by how much text is on this page.”

It’s a concept our copywriting team at 97 Display tries to balance every day as we create program pages for your website.

We want to convey every detail of your fitness or martial arts business and what you have to offer to potential leads. But at the same time, we want your leads to quickly scan your website, pulling out the information that is relevant to them and leaving everything else behind.

Page length is an essential part of lead conversion and it’s one we take very seriously at 97 Display.

According to a Smart Insights report posted this year, 71% of the time Americans spend online is done via mobile device. That means nearly 3 out of every 4 visitors you have to your website, is getting there with a mobile device in hand. So don’t expect them to stay long.

With smaller screens and many more distractions calling for their attention, mobile users simply will not scroll through line after line to find out what makes your Tae Kwon Do class special. Keep it short and give them the information they want to know.

Clear calls to action are also essential. Don’t expect a mobile user to search long for a signup form or your contact information.

Your 97 Display site does most of that work for you, with responsive web designs that look great across all platforms and our call to action lead forms, which are never more than one scroll away from your lead’s eyes.

The rest is up to you.

With just enough information to pique a lead’s interest, you’ll have the chance to sell them on your school over the phone, through a series of emails, or even with a visit to your facility!