How To Fill Your Gym With Younger Members

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For the longest time, Baby Boomers were the largest generation, but that torch has been passed on to the Millennial generation. And with that touch the face of the work place of Baby Boomers has changed dramatically.

The Millennial’s have created a more flexible work environment. This means that workers are allowed to dress down, come in later without repercussions, and also take more time off (even if it is unpaid leave). This doesn’t really affect a business that offers something like Martial Arts and Fitness programs but it does provide an opportunity for some appeal to your potential clientele. With a more relaxed (flexible) attitude, having to do something that requires consistent dedication and strict hours could prove difficult for the Millennial generation. You can counter this attitude with making your programs more flexible themselves by allowing the client to make their own times or just offer open-gym memberships at a flat fee.

With a large generational gap between the largest business owner group (Baby Boomers) and the Millennials there is also a gap in mindset. Baby Boomers are committed to progressing through a large corporation over long periods of time and Millennials are more commonly jumping from job to job trying to find the next best opportunity. This could be the same mentality when choosing a gym/school to train in: trying one gym/school until they have found a cheaper/better/more flexible gym/school that they can go to. Try counteracting this jumping around by customizing your program around a client and making sure you are running ads and have a great website that keeps clients coming in. This will counteract the ones who are leaving for that other gym/school.
Lastly you have to make sure you are giving incentives and keeping your values straight. Millennials want to feel appreciated (don’t we all?) and giving incentives while sticking to your core values can make sure a Millennial stays around for the long haul.

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