How Important is Video Content for your Business?

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I am not going to lie to you. Some business can survive off the bare essentials of marketing. They only have a website and a store along with some posters that they handed out around town, yet they get tons of business. Why is this? Well, there are a few reasons that this could be happening.

They are lucky… hard work from starting the company aside, they could of just had someone influential come into the store and made them popular.

They are the only business that offers the services in the area.

Already has successful businesses around town and are able to carry customers over.

So what if you aren’t so lucky or you are competing with lots other businesses that offer the same service? This is where being different and marketing yourself as special comes into play.

A great example of this is Apple. Imagine Apple as a company that does everything (not just technology) and has come out with a product or service that has already been out in the market for years and you have been offering way before them (this won’t be to hard to imagine). Do you think that they are just going to say something like “Hey we can make you lose weight, buy our stuff please!” ? No, they are going to act like this is a new thing that no one has ever done before and make it seem so special that you have no other choice to buy it, because if you don’t, you are going to be really missing out.

This is where video comes in for your service/product. It’s no secret that people are more drawn to a product when they can actually see it in action. This is why I encourage everyone to create or come up with video content for their business. Make a video that shows your service in action. Make a video that tells a customer why your service is better then other services that already exist. Show your service being enjoyed by lots of people and those people talking about how amazing your service is. Then take that video and put it on your website/YouTube/Vimeo and other sites that talk about similar services to yours. (Example: How to do a proper push-up video can be placed on a fitness forum website) Not only does this create backlinks for your website, it also is a free ad for your service all around the web!

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