Guide to Small Business Success in 2016

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Email Marketing – Some might see this as a no-brainer, but a lot of businesses out there do not take advantage of e-mail marketing, which can easily be done on a mass scale for free. About 91 percent of people who have an email address check it daily, so don’t you want to be one of the emails that they are looking at? Also Email marketing can be up to 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter when you are trying to covert potential clients into actual customers.

If you need some guidance on setting up and learning how to make an email drip system check out these videos!

Video 1 – How to make Magic Email Follow-ups

Video 2 – Using Our/Mail Chimps Email System 

Customer Experience /  Content – If you walk into a store wanting to buy an outfit for the night out and all you see is a table with some socks on it, you most likely aren’t going to buy from there, right?

Well thats the same reaction someone will give you if you have a site that looks amateurish. If you don’t have excellent content or create a customer experience that they wont forget, then you are most likely going to lose a potential sale.

For customer experience make sure: 

1. Your site is loading fast.

2.Make sure that your site is mobile optimized

3. Make sure that your ‘check out’ or ‘request information form’ is not confusing.

For Content:

1. Make sure that all your images are clear and crisp (if you can’t make your images look good then there is a huge possibility that a customer will think that your business is just as sub par)

2. Use Video, make Youtube Videos and host them on your site or even use Video Power if you are a Martial Arts School.

3. Most important, don’t forget to BLOG, it creates content for your site and also ads keyword rich search results.

Ads and Deals –  What are you doing to make yourself stand out. Unfortunately there is almost no original ideas. A great way to put your self above (literally) the competition is to buy ad space, and this doesn’t even have to just be on google.

Buy Youtube ads, Bing, Yahoo anything that you can create content for you should be advertising on. With theses ads you can also make instant coupon deals that will make the customer have to click on the ad.

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