Google Not as “Flashy” Now, Using HTML5

by 97display on
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On Tuesday February 9th Google announced that it will no longer allow Flash formatted display ads. Starting June 30th of this year, if you want to upload any display ads into adwords, they cannot be Flash based. All of the display ads you might want to put up need to be built in HTML5.

Video ads that are built in Flash won’t be affected by this change quite yet, but that might change on January 2nd 2017 as Google has set this as the Flash elimination date. The creator of Adobe Flash has partnered with Google’s plans and mentioned that they are changing the branding of Flash to Animate CC in December 2016. Google says this should “enhance the browsing experience for more people on more devices,” and advertisers should move their formats to HTML5 before the deadline.

This won’t affect those who aren’t using Flash, but if you are, you could start using more video editing programs to make your ads. If you are a customer of 97 Display and need a video ad for your Martial Arts School we offer VIDEO POWER for your convenience! If you are a gym or Martial Arts School owner, and you aren’t a customer of 97 Display already, you can join today by clicking here.
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