Google Chrome is Cooking with Brotli

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Google announced that Chrome speeds will become 26% faster with their new compression algorithm Brotli. That, along with allowing you to pause tabs by right clicking them, means that your site will be loading much faster if a potential customer is browsing your site on Google Chrome. More good news: Google has made the algorithm open source which means any browser can use it to to make their speeds quicker.


“The smaller compressed size allows for better space utilization and faster page loads. We hope that this format will be supported by major browsers in the near future, as the smaller compressed size would give additional benefits to mobile users, such as lower data transfer fees and reduced battery use.” – Zoltan Szabadka, Software Engineer, Compression Team

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So what does this mean for the business owner who does have a website? Well it means that if someone is using a browser with this algorithm then their experience will be much more enjoyable with the new quicker speeds. And it also means you can be a little more grandiose with the videos and pictures that you want to put on your site which we all know is better for your SEO.


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