Feature Update: Lead Magnets & How To Use Them

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Your website is your most important marketing tool. There are individuals in your area actively searching online for your services every day – and your website is where they’ll decide if you offer what they need.

The goal is to make your website prominent and visible.

Once a prospective customer finds you, the first questions they are likely to ask themselves are:

  • Does this place have what I’m looking for?
  • Do they look like they can help me?
  • Do I feel like I’d enjoy going here?
  • Do I trust this business?

It is very important to adjust the homepage of your website to reflect clearly that you are a trustworthy business that can help. And it is equally important to capture the contact information of individuals that are a fit for your business.

With 97 Display’s latest Lead Magnet feature, you can entice your leads with an additional incentive to submit their information on your website.

How Do Lead Magnets Work?

97 Display’s Lead Magnets allow you to customize your homepage in the way that best benefits your business.

Step 1:  Choose an offer that will persuade your leads to convert. Lead Magnets show up as a section on your homepage and include customizable graphics, copy, and button text that you can use to appeal to your website viewers.

Step 2: Once a lead clicks the Call-To-Action button on your Lead Magnet they are then prompted to fill out their name, email, and phone number .

Step 3: An email is instantly sent to the email address provided with the offer stated in your Lead Magnet.

Step 4: The text and email notifications you receive will tag individuals that came from your Lead Magnet so that you can track that your offer is producing results!

How You Can Use Lead Magnets To Benefit Your Business

Offering visitors something in exchange for their interaction on your website is a win for both of you. The lead gets value from your offer and you get their contact information – which gives you the ability to reach out to them with more detail about the value your business can provide.

Here are some creative opt-in incentives you can offer your online audience in order to grow your business:

Event/Beginner Class Registration

Encourage viewers to sign up for an event you have coming up! Once they submit their information you can include a payment page in the automatic email that completes the registration process.

Plus – if for some reason a lead doesn’t complete registering, you get the HUGE benefit of knowing exactly who showed interest in your event but didn’t complete the process. Now you can reach out via phone or email to provide assistance.


Lead Magnets are an easy way to push a promotion for your business. You prompt leads to submit their information for your limited-time deal and encourage them to bring the coupon emailed to them into your facility.

Schedule Inquiry

Having prospects submit a request to view your schedule is another way you can provoke opt-ins on your website. It’s important to keep your schedule available to current clients as well though, so if you choose this incentive you may want your schedule to also be available in your Member’s Only Section.


A recipe is another great value proposition that can increase opt-ins on your website  – especially for fitness businesses who offer Nutrition programs.


An e-book can be anything from a simple checklist to a detailed guide, you just need to provide relevant, valuable information that is worth opting-in to.


Some 97 Display clients require a signed waiver before customers can participate in their programs. While this option is less about gaining new leads, it is a perfect way to make it easy for your current members to access your waiver PDF.

Have questions about Lead Magnets and how to use them in your Martial Arts or Fitness business? Interested in adding a Lead Magnet to your 97 Display website? Call our Support Team at (888) 973-4775