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The main objective of your 97 Display website is to bring you high quality leads that convert into paying members or students. But, what happens when you send email after email and no response? We understand that it can be unbelievably frustrating to receive a lead but not get them in your doors.

This is why Instant Connect 2.0 is offered to all 97 Display clients!


How Does Instant Connect Work?

Once a lead is submitted through your website, you receive a call asking if you would like to connect with the lead RIGHT NOW. You will then be connected with the lead, who receives a phone call with your area code. With Instant Connect 2.0, you are connected with the lead in less than a minute!   

According to a Harvard Business study, a potential client is 80% MORE LIKELY to convert if you call them in the first five minutes after they submitted themselves as a lead, opposed to an hour. Long gone are the days of trying to get in touch with leads for months!

If you are already using Instant Connect 2.0, let us know how it’s going! If you aren’t and would like to try it out, reach out to your dedicated account rep today!