Dominate The New Year With Your New Website

by 97display on
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It’s the holiday season and at 97 Display, we’re hard at work getting new websites live every day in preparation for the New Year’s rush.

If you’re a current client, CONGRATULATIONS. You’re all set to take on the influx of new leads and fill your gym for the first of the year.

If you’re on the fence, it’s time to get going!

Web traffic is already picking up as consumers shop for Christmas gifts and search for the best ways to get fit in the new year. And at 97 Display, our SEO strategies make it easier than ever for them to find YOUR BUSINESS.

Did you know that 37% of people vow to stay fit and get healthy in the new year? Or that 32% aim to lose weight? How do you think they plan to achieve those goals?

By going to the gym, of course!

And how do they decide which is the best?

Well, they’re not going door to door.

Internet shopping is more popular than ever! According to Fortune Magazine, 2016 was the first year EVER that consumers are buying more things online than in the stores.

That means more people than ever are searching for goods and services on the internet. They don’t want to wait in line and they don’t want to worry about parking. They want answers fast and we’re here to provide them.

With 97 Display, your site will be front and center when people search for “fitness arts classes near me.” And when they land on your page, they’ll see everything you have to offer, spelled out and simple.

We’re streamlining the process of lead generation and helping you capture new members by the day. Don’t wait until it’s too late.