The Importance of Blogging

by 97display on

If you’ve spoken with any of our support staff here at 97Display, then you’ve likely heard that blogging is important. We preach it to our clients starting in the onboarding phase, and we reinforce it throughout your stay with us.

But why is blogging important for your website, and how does it all work?

It strengthens your SEO and improves ranking.

This is arguably the most important benefit of blogging out of everything that I will mention.

Every time you blog, you’re creating new content for your website, which Google and other search engines prefer when they are crawling sites and reindexing organic listings. This can help push your rankings to the #1 spot of a Google search!

Google essentially wants to reward you for following their best practices, which is to have an active, relevant website. It’s not every day that we’re updating your site with new images, a fresh copy, or with new online offers, so we have to find a way to stay active.

And what better way to be active than to upload a simple, new blog every 2-4 weeks relative to the goings-on of your business? Chances are, you’ll be rewarded for doing so.

It can be a great conversion tool.

Speaking of the goings-on of your company, uploading current event blogs and other recent, breaking information through our blogging system can be a great way to convert first-time viewers of your site.

The thought behind this is that once someone is on your website, they’re looking for a reason to opt-in. Sometimes, your programs do the trick. Other times, quality reviews on site sells a prospect. And then there’s those who are interested in the latest news that pertains to your business, as this may solidify your relevancy in the eyes of the viewer.

Its an impressive, respectable effort that allows viewers to take a look into your business in an up-to-date fashion, and it allows you to talk about you! Who doesn’t love to do that?

It’s great for back-to-base marketing.

We’ve covered both sides of the SEO coin, both ranking and conversions. And while our typical goal is to get newcomers to the site and have them opt-in, wouldn’t it be great to have more content on-site dedicated to your current client base?

Our blogging features can be a great B2B tool that can do wonders for keeping your current client base interested in your product.

Maybe you post a client of the month blog with a person’s story and image. You could post exclusive announcements for current clients in a blog before you announce them anywhere else.

If you’re a CrossFit client, you can use our WOD section of the blog to post the day’s workout prior to a session.

We also have a members-only section of the blog that allows you to provide curriculum and other content that is exclusive to your already-existing clientele.

The possibilities of utilizing our blogging system as a B2B feature are endless. And while we value leads and new prospects, we can’t undermine the importance of a healthy relationship between a business and its current clientele.

After all, those clients are a major measurement of your success, so it’s important to do everything possible to keep your retention rate high. Blogging can help you do just that.

Get more from your blogging today!

Blogging can be a lifesaver for a business’s website and to the overall business model. The beauty of each mentioned benefit is that they aren’t mutually exclusive. By blogging, you can be simultaneously building on each benefit.

Regardless of your situation and which benefit(s) you’re more concerned with, you should at least take away one thing from this blog: blogging is important.