Black Friday Lead Auto Promotions Are Back!

by 97display on

It’s Back! Black Friday auto-promotions are a free bonus marketing blast available to all 97 Display website customers.

Every year Black Friday is an EXTREMELY successful day for selling online trial memberships. We help our customers take full advantage of this through our Black Friday auto-promotions.


-Sell Trial Classes/Sessions & Gift Cards online
-Automatic promotional e-mails sent to your leads
-Free for all 97 Display website customers

Here’s how it works:

On Black Friday all leads that have been generated from your website who are still in your lead category will receive a promotional e-mail, from you, sent by 97 Display.

This promo e-mail will autoMAGICally include your online offer special details and a link to purchase online.

Last year thousands of dollars in online offers were sold by our clients one Black Friday alone! (small peak from last year)

What to do:

ALL clients who currently sell trial classes online will receive this promotion automatically. If you do not wish to take advantage of this bonus promotion, you can opt out by responding to this e-mail and letting us know.