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Last blog we talked about if it was important to be ranked on Yahoo and came to the conclusion that… well, it wouldn’t hurt to be ranked on Yahoo. This week let’s talk about ways to make sure you are going to be highly ranked on Yahoo (and of course this applies to Google and Bing).


Listed below is a short list of important things that are important to look at when trying to be ranked on any search engine site.


Key terms – When building your site’s text and pages, it’s a good idea to do some research and use key terms that are relative to your audience.


Accurate page titles – Choose wording that matches the content of your documents. You will notice the closer your title is to your audience’s search the more clicks you will receive.


Avoid text in images – Keep relevant text and links in HTML. Encoding your text in graphics or image maps can prevent search engines from finding the text or following links to your website’s other pages.


ALT text for images – ALT text improves the search-ability of the image content of your pages. It also makes your pages more accessible to text-only browsers and visually impaired site visitors.


Meaningful cross-links – Meaningful links between your and other related websites as well as other providers of relevant content add value for visitors and can boost your ranking.


Readable URLs – Use URLs that represent the content pages, instead of numeric or otherwise cryptic URLs.


Unhide content that’s behind JavaScript – Content that’s available only through JavaScript should be presented to non-JavaScript user agents and crawlers with no-script HTML elements


Ask your SEO Specialist to see if they are meeting all of these requirements.

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