5 Ways To Optimize Your Blog Posts For SEO – Part 2

by 97display on
For those interested in my previous post… Check out these 5 ways to optimize your blog posts for SEO ✍️📝💻
1- Utilize keywords in the title & throughout your post

Essentially, you want to include your programs and the location(s) that you wish to push for. This is a GREAT place to focus on secondary keywords that nudge Google in the right direction!

A word of caution: Don’t engage in keyword stuffing, which is the act of filling your content with so many keywords that it becomes difficult to read. Not only will this irritate your blog followers, it will also get you penalized by Google.

A couple of strategically placed keywords naturally throughout the copy will do the trick!

2- Add an image to your post

With more images, comes more opportunity for your site to be further optimized by us at 97 with alt text!

To deliver the best quality to your readers, be wary not to add too many photos to a page as this will compromise page load speed (also a key ranking factor).

3- Reference others (or even your own site) with links

When you mention another article or blogger in your blog post, include a link to the information you are referencing. Not only is it good blogging etiquette, but you may also get lucky and receive a link back. Quality links are a valuable commodity for any site looking to rank higher in search engine results pages.

4- Use social media to broaden the reach of your blog posts and create essential backlinks

As a small business, you may be utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Google, or other social media sites to create connections with potential and current customers. Why not promote your blog content on these sites for even more web exposure?

Once you’ve created your blog within the backend dashboard of your site, go to the blog post on the front-end of the website and you will see the “Share this post!” section below your blog copy.

5- Blog consistently and KEEP WITH IT!

By following these simple SEO tips, you can encourage higher rankings in SERPS, increased web traffic, and higher customer conversion rates 💯👈

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