4 Ways to Maximize Black Friday Marketing 2022 for Fitness and Martial Arts

by emily on

Nestled in between the leftover turkey legs and Christmas decorating comes the single day of the year where just about everyone is out hunting for deals. Yes, Black Friday remains one of the busiest buying days of the year, especially across the digital landscape, and that means that your fitness business or martial arts school can and should be ready to capitalize.

Every fitness business should be circling Black Friday on the calendar, because it’s simply one of the best times to attract new members who are prepping for the post-holiday rush. Gotta work off those turkey legs, after all.

How can your fitness business prepare for Black Friday & and maximize your share of the new year new me rush? Feast your eyes:

– Freshen Up Your Website!
– Tune Up Your Email Marketing Campaigns
– Get your Discounts and Offers out there TODAY
– Mobilize Your Facebook and Instagram Followers

Let’s deep-dive into each of these points to not just get started but to help your fitness studio or martial arts dojo set a record-breaking year in terms of growth!‍

Freshen up your website!

Your website is the only employee working 24-7 365 days a year for your fitness business.

So if you’re spending the majority of your budget on ads that are pointing traffic to a website that isn’t set up to convert that traffic… well, to put it simply: you could be wasting hundreds, even thousands of dollars of your marketing spend.

Before launching any digital Black Friday ads, every fitness business website should be built on data-driven design that has been proven to convert. If your website can’t get visitors to take action and become a lead for your fitness business, those eager shoppers will bounce to your competitor’s Black Friday deal faster than you can say “New Year – New Me.”

But ACT FAST. It can easily take 20-30 business days to launch a brand new lead generating website! Luckily, we can do it quicker than that. BONUS: this ensures your website is ready for the January rush – where visitor clicks and lead counts soar every year.

Check out 97 Displays Black Friday 2022 sale to get your new martial arts or fitness website designed for the lowest price of the year.

Tune Up Your Email Marketing Campaigns

We’re all swarmed by Black Friday offers every year. So don’t sleep on the personal touch when marketing to potential clients.

Send personalized emails offering exclusive limited-time discounts on classes, new services, memberships, and merchandise during the Black Friday chaos to get your email list excited and eager to learn more about your offers.

PLUS – Black Friday and January email marketing helps you engage newer clients who may have class packages or temporary trials but aren’t full members yet. Approach them based on their class packs and activate discounted deals that tempt them to also go for school or studio memberships.

And HEY! If you are interested in email marketing but are a busy business owner and just don’t have the time we can help you out! Take a look at our Connect and Convert service.

Get your Discounts and Offers out there TODAY

The perfect time to start marketing your fitness business for Black Friday was yesterday. The next best time is now!

Your fitness business faces lots of noise and competition for attention during the Black Friday marketing push. But the good news is – both Black Friday and the lead up to January rush give your martial arts or fitness business the multiple opportunities to revamp and change up your services into new and different combinations at attractive prices.

On Black Friday, you can even reward your current members for their loyalty over the years! Offer special loyalty rewards to your members for being an essential part of your business. Let them use an additional service or an extra class for a few months. Or give a free trial to a new program or class you’re thinking of offering.

Whatever your offer, don’t forget that it should be easy to understand and clearly listed on your website.

Mobilize Your Facebook and Instagram Followers

Your people are your super power when it comes to marketing your fitness business any time of the year – but especially amidst the noise and cluttered news feeds of Black Friday and January deal season.

This is the best time to utilize your social media marketing and have your faithful community of happy clients boost your online presence. You can launch a hashtag campaign, build credibility with user-generated content and testimonials, and even run paid ads.
Keep in mind that it can be hard to get good Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) during Black Friday and January rush – even for the experts. But it can be done!

If you’re not confident in tackling digital advertising for your fitness business alone, we’re happy to help. Our team of masterminds regularly takes Facebook and Google ad campaigns for fitness businesses to the next level. They’ll happily help you get the most out of your Black Friday ad campaigns.

Facebook advertising

The only question left to ask is – is your fitness business or martial arts school ready for Black Friday and that huge rush during January? If not, fill out your info right here to chat with us. We’ll save you a turkey leg. Maybe.