3 Red Flags of SEO Providers

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is tricky. Tactics for making a website as optimized as possible are always changing. Google makes updates constantly and since rankings are already never guaranteed, it takes constant surveillance and work to make sure your SEO is truly optimal.

Checking out some of our other blogs for tips and tricks for SEO is as easy as clicking some of the links below. This blog however helps you recognize some of the red flags of cheap and shady tactics that a bad SEO service might be selling you.

  1. You can’t access your Google Analytics Account – This is pretty simple. If your provider set up your Google Analytics Account for your business and then never lets you access it and only sends you “reports” every now and then… Run! You should never be prevented from access to your account. If your provider doesn’t even set you up with a Google Analytics account that is another huge reason to walk away.
  2. No reports – If your provider doesn’t give you monthly reports and wants you to rely on their word that they are doing proper SEO work, you need to start complaining or looking for a new provider. You should always have some kind of access to reports or should be receiving something every month on your site’s performance. (Not sure how to access your Google Analytics Account? Contact your Account Rep for help!)
  3. Guaranteed rankings – This one is simple! Like I said in the opener, Google is always changing, so any guaranteed ranking is crazy. There are no guarantees when it comes to ranking in Google or anywhere else for that matter. If your current provider promises this, they are lying.

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