2 Quick Ways To Get More Leads From Your Martial Arts or Fitness Website

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One of the ways we’re setting the bar higher for martial arts and fitness websites is by proactively improving the conversion rates of our sites. I talk about this in a recent video I filmed explaining how we do just that. Check it out by clicking here!

Here’s 2 nuggets of wisdom that I’ll share just cause I’m a nice guy. I’ve been really researching and diving into this whole idea of “not all traffic being equal” and the actions we’ve taken on behalf of our clients has resulted in some extraordinary results!


1. Not All Traffic Is Equal:

Where your website traffic comes from is called “source traffic” and the truth is not all sources are equally helpful in sending qualified clicks to your website. That’s because your website customer’s perception of your business begins at first exposure. If they first thing they see is your Facebook ad, their perception of your business will be shaped by that ad. If the first thing they see is your Google Maps page their perception of your business is formed by that page.

To break it down even further, if you receive 1000 clicks from Facebook, and 10 convert into leads, but 500 Clicks from Google Maps and 20 convert into leads than you would realize that clicks from your google maps page are more valuable as they convert at a higher rate.

What To Do:

Step 1: Make sure you have access to your website analytics. If you pay someone to manage your website, make sure they share this information with you upon request.
Step 2: Find out (or ask your web guy) to tell you which source of traffic converts at a higher rate.
Step 3: If your web guy or gal says they can’t tell you, then they aren’t qualified to be your web guy or gal. (If you’re seriously trying to improve your businesses web presence)
Step 4: When you learn which source of traffic converts at a higher rate do 2 things:
A. Seek to improve the lower performing source (e.g. if clicks from Yelp don’t convert, try to improve your Yelp page)
B. Invest in your higher converting source with more ads, time, graphics, reviews, promotions ect.

2. Change your Voice

Statistically you have about 4 seconds to convince your web traffic that they are at the right website – so first impressions are key. The best way to make the best first impression is to ask questions and talk about your visitors first.

Its like going on a first date, where you sit down at the table and immediately proclaim “I run the best martial arts school in the whole town!.” While this may be true, it won’t capture your date’s interest like asking a question will. So, when thinking about your website’s front page or headers you should start with visitor centric phrases and words.

Your Website 1st fold headline text should be along the lines of:

GOOD: Do you want to improve your health? OR Helping the community of [your local town] lose weight, gain confidence & achieve goals. OR The perfect solution for parents interested in martial arts for their child!

BAD: Serving the community for 50+ years OR Home of Grandmaster World Champion Black Belt Superstar OR “Your Place For Success” aka generic slogan phrase.

Make a better first impression, convert more visitors, get more leads!

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